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About Me

​My name is Arlette, I am a quantum healer, coach and channel for divine love. My first major initiation this lifetime was losing my mother in my early teens. That experience propelled me into a deep state of suffering that lasted over a decade, and ultimately ended up being the catalyst for my healing and personal growth. ​I believe that every challenging experience we go through holds within it a gift, and if we so choose, we can use that gift in powerful ways. We can use it to help others with a level of compassion that can only be embodied by someone who has transcended their own suffering. The embodiment of the gift of my own suffering is what led me to do the work that I do today.


I started my spiritual journey by learning different energy healing modalities, including becoming a Reiki master. Then, while living in Hawaii, working as a massage therapist, my spiritual abilities began to spontaneously come online. I would have client's loved ones come forward with messages, I would be massaging a specific area of the body and get a vision of a trauma my client held there, I would also channel and receive downloads spontaneously before I knew what they were.  My massage career turned out to be my hands on training with spirit.​  I went on to use energy healing to heal myself and transform my life.​ As my journey progressed, I felt drawn to connect more with spirit. 

When I started co-creating with spirit I was able to receive a level of healing, guidance and support that can only come from the divine. I studied a variety of modalities, several of which were: channeling, co-creating with spirit, and accessing the Akashic records. I worked extensively on my own energy body, doing a lot of clearing and expansion of my energy channels to be able to channel high vibrational beings of Light.  Consciously working with spirit has allowed me to realize that life is always happening for me. It has helped me come into alignment with my authentic self, and start living a life that resonates with my soul instead of working so hard to try and fit into a mold. Today, my priority is to walk my purpose and help those I'm meant to serve.​​​​

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