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Quantum Healing

In this quantum healing session, we go to the root of an issue that you are having and heal from there. Traveling in the quantum to a past life or earlier in this lifetime when necessary. By dealing with the root of the issue we're able to shift the affect that it is having in your current reality. We also deal with the karma, limiting beliefs, thoughts, patterns, imprints, cordings and contracts associated with the issue, that are limiting you and keeping you from reaching your full potential. This session goes beyond just healing and because of that it is very effective and brings deep shifts.

In the second part of this session I invite a Light Being who would like to help you to join our session. They offer a message and some form of healing. The being who steps forward is usually one who is already connected to you in some way either from this life or a past life.  Everything that is done is always done for your highest good and with your permission.

The basis for this healing session was given to me by amazing Galactic beings of Light. Once I received it I started to use it to work on myself and after experiencing great personal shifts, I decided to start offering it as a service. My intention with this session is to help you achieve the biggest shift possible with the most ease. The exchange for this offering is $111 for 30 minutes and $222 for 60 minutes. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any question. You can book by clicking the link below.

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